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The courses listed on this page are for our business customers and not approved for individual consumer education and not eligible for veteran approved funding sources. If you are seeking career training head over to our Career Training page to learn about our approved consumer education programs.


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30% Off CompTIA Courses

Regular Price is $2,475 - enroll in one or more of the following course dates and get a 30% discount

Network+: 5/27/2024 $1732.50 (exam fee extra)

Server+: 6/10/2024 $1732.50 (exam fee extra)

Security+: 6/17/2024 $1732.50 (exam fee extra)

Linux+: 6/24/2024 $1732.50 (exam fee extra)

CySA+: 7/8/2024 $1732.50 (exam fee extra)

Cloud+: 7/15/2024 $1732.50 (exam fee extra)

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