Microsoft Windows 11: Using Windows 11

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1 days - $295

Whether you’re new to computers or have used them in the past, this class will help you become more comfortable using Windows® 11 by familiarizing you with the Windows 11 user interface and its basic capabilities. In this course, you will explore Windows 11 and learn how to work with locally installed apps and cloud-based apps, browse the Internet, and manage basic Windows 11 settings.

This Course is for…

This course is designed for end users who are familiar with computers and who need to use the features and functionality of the Windows 11 operating system.

Please note this class is for our business customers and is not approved for consumer education or eligible for veteran benefits. If you are interested in our veteran and individual consumer programs please visit our Career Training page.

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  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • 1 – Accessing Windows 11

    • Topic A: Log In to Windows 11
    • Topic B: Navigate the Windows 11 Desktop
    • Topic C: Use the Start Menu

    2 – Accessing Locally Installed Apps

    • Topic A: Use Apps
    • Topic B: Multitask with Open Apps
    • Topic C: Install Apps

    3 – Accessing Cloud-Based Apps and Content

    • Topic A: Browse the Web
    • Topic B: Use Cloud-Based Apps

    4 – Managing Files and Folders

    • Topic A: Manage Files and Folders with File Explorer
    • Topic B: Find Files, Folders, and Apps
    • Topic C: Store and Share Files with OneDrive
    • Topic D: Manage Removable Storage Devices

    5 – Configuring Windows 11

    • Topic A: Configure Settings
    • Topic B: Use Windows System Commands
    • Topic C: Manage Printers and Other Devices
    • Topic D: Use Accessibility Features
    • Topic E: Use Windows Tools

    6 – Securing Your Computer

    • Topic A: Manage Passwords and Sign-In Options
    • Topic B: Manage Windows Security
    • Topic C: Manage Windows Updates
    • Topic D: Use Other Security Features

    7 – Using Backup and Recovery Tools

    • Topic A: Create Backups
    • Topic B: Troubleshoot and Repair Your System
  • In this course, you will perform basic work-related tasks on a PC running the Windows 11 operating system. You will:
    Access Windows 11.
    Access locally installed apps.
    Access cloud-based apps and content.
    Manage files and folders.
    Configure the Windows 11 environment.
    Secure your Windows 11 computer.
    Use backup and recovery tools.