Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 (Desktop or Online) – Part 1 ( v1.1)

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1 days - $295

How do you grab and maintain an audience’s focus when you’re asked to present important information? By being clear, organized, and engaging. And, that is exactly what Microsoft® PowerPoint® can help you do.

Today’s audiences are tech savvy, accustomed to high-impact multimedia content, and stretched for time. By learning how to use the vast array of features and functionality contained within PowerPoint, you will gain the ability to organize your content, enhance it with high-impact visuals, and deliver it with a punch. In this course, you will use PowerPoint to begin creating engaging, dynamic multimedia presentations.

Note: Most Office users perform the majority of their daily tasks using the desktop version of the Office software, so that is the focus of this training. The course

This Course is for…

This course is designed for students who wish to gain a foundational understanding of PowerPoint that is necessary to create and develop engaging multimedia presentations.

Please note this class is for our business customers and is not approved for consumer education or eligible for veteran benefits. If you are interested in our veteran and individual consumer programs please visit our Career Training page.

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05/31/20249:00 AM - 3:00 PM ET$295.00
  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • 1 – Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint

    • Topic A: Navigate the PowerPoint Environment
    • Topic B: View and Navigate a Presentation
    • Topic C: Create and Save a Basic Presentation
    • Topic D: Navigate in PowerPoint for the Web
    • Topic E: Use PowerPoint Help

    2 – Lesson 2: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation

    • Topic A: Create Presentations
    • Topic B: Edit Text
    • Topic C: Work with Slides
    • Topic D: Design a Presentation

    3 – Lesson 3: Formatting Text

    • Topic A: Format Characters
    • Topic B: Format Paragraphs

    4 – Lesson 4: Adding and Arranging Graphical Elements

    • Topic A: Insert Images
    • Topic B: Insert Shapes
    • Topic C: Create SmartArt
    • Topic D: Insert Stock Media, Icons, and 3D Models
    • Topic E: Size, Group, and Arrange Objects

    5 – Lesson 5: Modifying Graphical Elements

    • Topic A: Format Images
    • Topic B: Format Shapes
    • Topic C: Customize SmartArt
    • Topic D: Format Icons
    • Topic E: Format 3D Models
    • Topic F: Animate Objects

    6 – Lesson 6: Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation

    • Topic A: Review Your Presentation
    • Topic B: Apply Transitions
    • Topic C: Print or Export a Presentation
    • Topic D: Deliver Your Presentation
  • In this course, you will create and deliver an engaging PowerPoint presentation. You will:
    Identify the basic features and functions of PowerPoint.
    Develop a PowerPoint presentation.
    Perform text formatting.
    Add and arrange graphical elements.
    Modify graphical elements.
    Prepare to deliver your presentation.