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Bacardi Jacksonville Supply Chain Excel Training

From November 2023 to January 2024, Mr. Mike Goodman trained a total of 34 Bacardi employees in the Excel Intermediate and Advanced sessions. The feedback received was very positive. Some of the students shared their experience internally and more people want to get the training. We have two specific cases where the training was key on the improvement of our data management and presentation.

We have two employees who collect production downtime data. These date gets presented and analyzed. Action items gets developed and implemented to improve Bottling efficiencies. After the training, the templates utilized by these employees to present the data were more organized and easier to follow. This resulted in detailed action plans resulting in increased efficiencies.
An employee from our Logistics department was struggling on producing a spreadsheet to present data to his Peers and Superiors. During the Advanced Excel Training session, as the trainer was explaining how to create reports and forms, he pulled the spreadsheet he had, and he edited it as the trainer was explaining the steps. He was very satisfied with the template he created during the training.
Joy | Training and Continuous Improvement Supervisor
  • Applying What I Learned

    I sure am using what I learned during the class! I was able to recreate an essential report that was damaged through time and improper use recently, and our entire team is better for it. I credit the training I had at Star V Learning Centers for helping me see what I couldn’t before. Now, I’m regularly using this report, my boss is happy, and the rest of my team is better equipped to help our clients understand what we do. It’s been a win-win-win-WIN for everyone.
    Tatiana | Global Publishing
  • Job Search Help

    My time at Star V Learning Centers was an unforgettable experience that I'll be recounting to others for many years to come. The knowledge I gained did not just relate to IT but also to building myself as a job candidate and using LinkedIn as a tool for my success. The instructors and staff were always available to discuss anything I needed to perform and succeed not only in my CompTIA exams but in anything related to my future in the IT industry. The environment they created for learning made it easy to absorb and understand the information presented and I would recommend Star V Learning Centers to anyone trying to jumpstart a career in IT.
    Luke | Student
  • Amazing Experience

    My experience at Star V Learning Centers was nothing less than an amazing experience! The staff from the time I was greeted at the door were so welcoming and supported my growth in I.T knowledge anyway they could. The knowledge that is available through just the experience alone among the staff was worth attending the programs. Their Career Services and Placement Manager was able to assist me in landing a job the day before my last day in the program! 10 out of 10 highly recommend for building a solid foundation in the tech field.
    Jacob | Student
  • Above and Beyond

    The team at Star V goes above and beyond to meet our ever changing scheduling and training needs. There is a wide variety of classes available for every area and level of professional development. Instructor led training is a favorite as it provides one on one assistance that ensures students are getting the most from each class.
    Leslie | Clay Utility